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The Power of God's Word
for Healing

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The Hospital Nurse
The Teacher
The Nanny

“As Words for Healing was playing it felt like something hit me and went through my entire body. For the last two years I had a lump in the middle of my chest on top of my stomach. When I woke up the next morning the lump was gone.” ~Gary Russell~

“I left the CD playing in the hospital room. The nurses turned it up so everyone could hear it and said, ‘We knew when we came into this room what we were going to hear; it's just so refreshing for us. Sometimes it almost puts us to sleep, and we have to jump up and go.’ I need 30 of them because so many have asked me about it.“ ~Blanche Mills~

"I played the CD driving home. An energy flowed over me and I couldn't go home. I went to the park and sat in my car listening. Suddenly this man was at my window! ’What are you listening to?’ he asked. He said he could feel power coming from my car. Two of us were changed that night.” ~Lynn Smith~