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Words for Healing FAQs

Q: What is Words for Healing?
A: Words for Healing is a CD (also available in MP3 or USB Flash format) consisting of music, Scriptures and an anointing that people feel when they listen that sends a calming and healing energy.

Q: How do I listen?
A: First, don't listen while driving. Get in a comfortable place where you can fall asleep. We have had people to fall asleep in chairs listening at their computers. The second time Words for Healing was played during a live service, the audio technician fell asleep in the sound booth and did not wake up until two hours later when the CD was turned off. You don't need the volume up high, it works whether the volume is high or low. Ideally the volume should be high enough where you clearly understand the words.

Q: What is the difference and which is better between the MP3, CD or USB?
A: The MP3 is identical to the CD and USB Flash Drive in content and sound quality. Each has advantages.

-MP3 Advantages: The MP3 is instantly available and is less expensive. If you listen on a phone, iPod or MP3 player then the MP3 file is best. You can also make a CD from the MP3 file. You can use Windows Media Player (or another program) to make an audio CD. Just click "Burn" on the Windows Media Player toolbar when playing the MP3 file and it will make an audio CD for you when you put a blank recordable CD in your computer's CD writer.

-CD Advantages: If you like the pretty artwork or listen on a standard CD player then the CD is best. The CD is divided into 49 tracks. If there is a particular segment that you particularly like to listen to, the CD makes it easier to find and repeat tracks. There are no gaps between tracks so the listening experience is identical between the CD and the MP3 file.

-USB Flash Drive Advantage: The USB Flash Drive is an 8 GB Flash Drive which leaves 7 GB free which will hold approximately 70 CDs of music or thousands of photos. The USB Flash Drive is what you need if you want to have the Word of God playing 24/7 using this system. The USB Flash Drive also has a full audio Bible included at no extra charge..

The Best Option is to buy the CD with the FREE MP3 Download and you will have the best of both. If you don't need the MP3 file, then just buy the CD. If you would like Words for Healing and the Bible playing continuously then the USB Flash Drive which also includes the instant MP3 download is the best option.

Q: Why was Words for Healing created?
A: It was originally created to give to people who attended the God Heals healing services at The ARK of Salvation in Atlanta. The CD was created to give them faith and something tangible as they left the service. When the healing and calming testimonies started rolling in, we knew others needed it beyond The ARK.

Q: Who created Words for Healing?
A: The same creator of the AirJesus.com websites which consists of MountainWings, the free daily inspirational email that has sent over half a BILLION emails to over a million subscribers worldwide.

Q: Does it work?
A: The best test is to simply try it. Nothing else will convince you.

Q: Why does it work?
A: There is the scientific and the spiritual answer. The scientific explanation is that the stress reducing qualities of the music, voice, vocal inflection and style removes stress and relaxes you. Medical science recognizes the high correlation between stress, lack of sleep and disease. The placebo effect is also powerful. What medical science calls the placebo effect we call faith.

The spiritual answer is more involved. In the creation of Words for Healing there were unusual circumstances. Each time it was being recorded, it began to rain. Atlanta, GA was experiencing the worst drought in 113 years of weather history. During the recordings, it began thundering as the rain poured. After the recordings were finished, the rain and thunder stopped. It was as if the earth itself was being healed as Words for Healing was being recorded.

We believe that Words for Healing has a divine anointing upon it that produces a unique vibration that literally heals flesh and spirit. The only way to know is get in a quiet place, get comfortable and listen. It's the only way for YOU to really know.